The only designer Table Tennis Net that works on any table

Use it as a cork mat to put your hot pans on, or stand it up and you have your net.

More than one use

More than a table tennis net

CorkNet is designed to be a part of your kitchen. The two cork parts are also for standing your hot pans on.

Stash your balls

Sustainable product

Cork is the bark from a species of oak. Grown in Spain, Portugal and north Africa, the bark from the tree can be harvested every 7 to 9 years.

Sustainable product

Stash your ball

When the two parts of the net are put together a ball sized pocket is created. Ideal for storing your ball when you have finished playing table tennis.

Any table can be a table tennis table

Cork Net to scale on a selection of tables

Table tennis on any table

Where can i get one?

Order your corknet now

Set includes corknet, two rackets & ball

The Cork

Cork is the best material to use for this project.
It is amazing stuff; it is light, flexible, durable, heat resistant and moisture resistant.
Cork is also a recyclable sustainable natural product that is harvested from cork trees without damaging them.